Kanters: your fresh products carrier!

Originally we were a transport company for the horticulture industry. 

Over the past 10 years, we have become a comprehensive specialist in temperature-controlled transport of vegetables, fruit, food and plants. Kanters Transport is therefore an important logistical link between the grower, wholesaler, reduction companies, manufacturing and retail.
In our business, ’time and fresh ' is crucial. We ensure the seamless logistics of unprocessed and processed fresh products.

During transport, we take into account:

  • the combination of freight regarding temperature
  • the type of packaging and securing of cargo
  • the situation in the loading/unloading locations and the equipment needed
  • Optimal, registered cooling during transport (between -25 and 25 degrees Celsius)
  • and, of course, when the cargo should arrive on location

We strive to minimise any time loss, because fresh must remain fresh!

Our planning department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

It’s our job to relieve you, as a customer, of any concerns. We enjoy doing that. You notice this right from the start as we determine both cost and logistic efficient Solutions. Your orders are properly accepted and incorporated into our planning system. More importantly, we are well-informed as to your specific transport requirements and implement them in consultation with our drivers. Moreover, our track & trace system always knows where our trucks with your products are in the logistics channel.

We therefore ensure the quality and food safety of your products during transport, storage and handling is guaranteed.

For this, we are certified according to the Hygiene Code for transport, storage and distribution of food.

The beginning…

In 1993, founder Toon Kanters started transporting products between his own greenhouse from the Heikantstraat in Someren to a Hungarian sister company in a DAF1000. To ensure the transport of his own cucumbers to the auction (then in Veldhoven), this was quickly exchanged for a larger DAF 2100. As a cost-conscious entrepreneur, Toon wanted to lower transportation costs. Therefore, re-loading took place at the neighbours ... and thus professional haulage began in 1994.

The number of customers steadily increased, and with it, the growth of the transport company. Eventually, the Heikantstraat location was too small for the number of trucks. In 2008, Kanters Transport moved to the Hoekstraat in Someren.

Our current location has:

  • storage/transhipment facilities,
  • a well-organised office,
  • our own maintenance facilities,
  • a truck wash,
  • a filling station and a secure car park for more than 20 vehicles.

Feel free to drop by!